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The marine VHF radio is an invaluable piece of communication equipment that is used round the world on board of all kinds of ships, from fishing boats to giant tankers.

VHF communications are suitable for vessels remaining relatively close to the coast and within range of coast stations operating on VHF channels, but VHF can also be used for inter-ship calls anywhere on the open seas.

A set of functions and operator controls are common to traditional (voice only) fixed mount VHF equipment, to hand held VHF radios and to the currently available VHF devices equipped with a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) controller. These functions (Volume, Squeich, dual watch, power selection,etc) can be found within each brand of equipment, although they might differ on how they are set up or implemented.

DSC provides a simple and reliable means of establishing contact prior to starting voice communications. The DSC controller sends a digital signal that will ring other DSC radios by triggering an alarm and displaying details about the caller and the nature of the call…

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